Amy Owen | ToLabor Doula and Birth Support In Chicago

Amy is a certified prenatal instructor, birth doula and mother committed to supporting women and their partners through their whole birth process. Her mission is for every woman to feel informed, empowered and supported in every stage of her pregnancy and birth. And it is through both yoga and doula work that she assists women in having the birth they desire.

Amy completed her prenatal teacher training with Gurmukh, founder of the preeminent prenatal studio Golden Bridge Yoga in Los Angeles and author of Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful. She received her doula training through the progressive and internationally recognized ToLabor organization. Amy is certified in both Reiki I and II energy work, which she finds to be an useful tool during pregnancy and labor. She created the outreach prenatal yoga program serving Northwestern Hospital’s ambulatory care patients and piloted the Yoga For Recovery BAMS program bringing prenatal yoga to expectant inmates at Cook County Jail. She serves as a volunteer at The Ronald McDonald House teaching yoga and meditation to families with children receiving treatment at Children’s Memorial Hospital.

As a trained doula with ToLabor, Amy offers birth support to women through all stages of pregnancy, labor and birth. The term doula means, "women's servant." While the job of the midwife or doctor is to make sure the baby is delivered safely and healthily, the job of the doula is to take care of the mother during this time. Amy's mission is to support, assist, educate, inform, respect, listen and advocate for the expectant women to ensure she receives all she needs to have the birth she envisions and desires. 

Birth is an emotional experience for both the mother and father, so Amy provides support to both the partner and the mother. A lot of partners want to be of help but don't have the necessary tools to know what to do, so Amy helps him or her to be an active partcipant and an integral part of the birth of the baby. 

In addition to leading teacher trainings, workshops and retreats, Amy teaches prenatal classes at Yogaview studio and for private clients throughout Chicago where she was born and raised and currently resides with her three children.

The best decision I made in my pregnancy was hiring Amy as my Birth Doula. Not only did I feel completely supported in labor, but Amy was there throughout my entire pregnancy to answer questions, teach prenatal yoga classes and workshops and refer me to her amazing contacts for all of my pregnancy-related needs. During labor, Amy took incredible care of me. She was able to communicate my needs to my healthcare providers and suggest helpful tasks to my husband to get him involved. During contractions, Amy guided me to focus inward and connect with my body and breath. Practicing prenatal yoga with Amy throughout pregnancy let my body find comfort in the discomfort of labor and use by breath to guide me through even the most intense contractions and pushing. The birth of my daughter was the most empowering experience of my life and I have Amy to thank for all of the comfort and support that allowed me to achieve the natural childbirth I envisioned.
— Nicole Downey



Mom's Report...

Whole Birth Support for New Moms

"My birthing experience would have been completely different if Amy was not in the room to help my husband and I through what was one of the most challenging experiences of both of our lives.  When my husband and I first spoke to her about the possibility she explained her philosophy and said that while the doctor was there for the baby, she was there for the Mom and that while she was not a medical professional, she would serve as my/our advocate and she was spot on.

Amy was with us every step of the way.  She helped me breathe through my contractions, she helped my husband both be and feel helpful through the process and she reassured us that what was happening was normal.  She also was the advocate she assured us she would be and helped us get the attention of our doctor when it was time to push.  Four pushes later our daughter was born.  We are so grateful for Amy's warm guidance and support." –Clothilde Ewing                                                                                                                                         

Whole Birth Support for New Dads

Dad's Report...

"I admit I was not familiar with what a doula was, and now I can't imagine going through the birth without one.  Amy provided guidance and comfort prior to us leaving for the hospital and stayed by our side during the entire labor.  She served as an advocate for my wife without interfering with what the doctors and nurses needed to do, a yoga instructor to help manage her pain and a coach for me on how to comfort and generally be useful to her during her labor.  Amy is warm and knowledgeable and helped make the birth of our daughter a remarkable experience.  I cannot recommend Amy highly enough." –Jean (Clo's Husband)

Birth support with Amy includes:

  • 2 prenatal visits

  • birth vision (sometimes called birth plan) assistance

  • telephone support

  • on call 24 hour support

  • continous labor, delivery and postpartum support

  • initial breastfeeding assistance

  • 1 postpartum visit

  • back up doula support

  • recommended reading

  • referrals for additional assistance as needed


Studies on birth support have found the following:

  • shorter labor

  • increased maternal satisfaction

  • reduction of c section rates

  • less requests for epidurals

  • reduction in oxytocin augmentation

  • lower rates of newborn complications

  • increased success with breastfeeding

  • reduction in use of forceps

  • reduction in postpartum depression

  • increased bonding with baby postpartum

But before birth support comes prenatal yoga....