Vinyasa Flow

Amy teaches vinyasa yoga with smart alignment, skillful sequencing, deep breath awareness and a sense of light heartedness. Her deep interest in mindfulness and meditation creates an opportunity for grounding and centering and her passion for music and arm balances make her flow classes uplifting and fun filled. 

I was somewhat grudgingly introduced to Yoga - and I’m so thankful that Amy has been the one to guide me into it. Nearly a year in, and by the way I am in no way “good”, it has had a material affect on both my physical and mental health. Amy has a veterans instinct to balance what you think you need and what she knows you need. She’s like my old High School football coach, but with less yelling.
— Bill Connell

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is the most recommended and truly ideal form of exercise for pregnant women and Amy teaches specific poses/asanas that not only alleviate discomfort during pregnancy but also condition the body for the work of labor.  She teaches breathing techniques to make labor as effective and efficient as possible as well as keep the mind calm and centered. Along with asana poses and breath work, she draws from her doula knowledge to give women concrete tools and strategies to use and empower them in their own births.

Amy wholeheartedly knows that when women are supported and empowered to tap into their inner strength and innate intelligence, they have everything they need to birth consciously and raise happy, healthy thriving children. She has experienced it firsthand: she practiced yoga through all three of her pregnancies and considers her role as a mom to a 17, 14 and 12 year old to be her biggest one of all.


SUN – PRENATAL – 10:15-11:30am

TUES – LEVEL II – 8:30-9:45am  

Thurs – Level II – 10-11:15am

THURS – LEVEL II – 6:15-7:30pM

FRI – ALL LEVELS – 4:00-5:15PM

Fri – free meditation – 5:15-5:30pm


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I was attending a couple different prenatal yoga classes around the city when a friend told me about Amy’s classes at Yogaview. I attended one class and was hooked. For the remainder of my pregnancy, about 15 weeks, I attended Amy’s classes as much as possible. I not only had a very positive experience with the physical aspect of each class but also found myself feeling more mentally prepared for the labor and delivery process. I looked forward to class every Sunday and during the week when I could make it.
— Mary B. (yelp)